A: Residents are able to renew their permit(s) within 60 days of the permits expiry date.
To renew your permit, please log in to your Residential Parking Permit account then click the Renew button to complete the renewal process. 
If you have not moved and your vehicle is still registered to the address where you require the permit, you do not need to re-submit your vehicle registration or other proof of address documentation. 
If you have moved, or you have a new vehicle, you will need to provide your current vehicle registration and proof of address to renew your permit. 
If any of the following exceptions below apply to you, you will need to provide supporting documents prior to your permit being approved:
1. Your vehicle is:
       –  A company vehicle
       – A leased vehicle
       – Borrowed from parents
2. You are a: 
       – Dual Resident
       – Student
       – Non-Resident landlord
3. If your vehicle registration lists a P.O. Box number instead of your street address
4. You are renewing a visitor permit only
5. You live in Zone AAA or YY
Click HERE for the documents required for applying for residential parking permits with these exceptions. 
Please be aware that you must renew your permit prior to its expiry date or you will need to reapply for a new permit and resubmit documentation.