A: Individuals applying for a non-resident landlord permit can do so using the RPP online management system on any device that has internet connectivity. Alternatively you can come into the CPA Impound Lot with your required documentation and one of our customer service representatives will help you set up an account.

Similar to visitor permits, non-resident landlord permits are electronic. Once the permit has been approved, you must start the permit when parking in the restricted zone.

To use a non-resident landlord permit, the permit holder must start the permit by notifying the CPA of (1) the licence plate of the vehicle for which the permit is being activated and (2) the time period for which the permit is being activated (up to a maximum of 2 weeks).

Landlords can start their permit through a stand-alone computer or mobile device. Landlords without internet access can phone in a request to activate a plate using our 24-hour voicemail line. As with the ParkPlus System, there is a two-day processing delay prior to issuing any tickets to ensure that all parking sessions have been properly logged.