A: A Market Permit is a single Parking Zone Permit which allows residents who live in qualifying large multi-residential buildings (defined as those that have four stories or taller in height or more than 20 units that are built after 1945) to park in a Residential Parking Zone within 150 metres of their address. Only one Market Permit is allowed per qualifying residence and may only be used by the resident, it cannot be used for visitors. The permit allows parking within the zone but does not guarantee that a space will be available. Qualifying residences of large multi-residential buildings cannot have a standard Residential Parking Permit and a Market Permit at the same time. Residents can only purchase a Market Permit once all their standard Residential Parking Permits expire or are cancelled. 
To encourage off-street parking as the primary choice for residents living in RPZs. The fee for the Market Permit is priced comparable to surrounding off-street parking options. There will be a subsidized rate for the Market Permit for low-income Calgarians through the Fair Entry program. Click here for more information on the Low-Income Market Permit.
Residents can start applying for a Market Permit now. Once an application is approved, the Market Permit will become active on the first day of the following month if payment is successful.   
Residents can also start applying for a Low-Income Market Permit now. To apply for a Low-Income Market Permit, residents must apply online to the Fair Entry program first. Once residents are approved for the Fair Entry program, they can apply for the Low-Income Market Permit on the Residential Parking Permit System.