Visitor Permits

If your address qualifies for Visitor Permits they will be managed through your account as well.

If your residence qualifies for a Visitor Permit, it will be issued automatically when a Residential Parking Permit is approved. You do not have to complete a separate application for a Visitor Permit if you are also applying for a Residential Parking Permit.

Manage your visitor parking sessions using the MyParking app! Scroll down to find out more.

Watch This Video on How to Start Visitor Sessions

How to Manage Visitor Parking Permits

There are 3 ways to start and stop your visitor parking sessions

1. MyParking app 

Download the MyParking app (available for free on the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store).

Click HERE for information about how to link your Residential Parking Permit account to ‘unlock’ the Manage Visitor Parking Session feature.

Once you’re all set up on the app, click HERE to find out how to start and stop a session.

2. Online

To use a Visitor Permit, sign into your online account. Click Here to start and stop your visitor’s parking session. 

3. By Phone

If you do not have access to the internet, you can call us at 403.537.7000 option 2 and press 1 to activate a visitor parking session 24/7.

    • Press # to leave a message with your address, the licence plate of your visitor, the date and time that you would like the session to start and your phone number. A representative will then start your visitor session.
    • If you have an existing account, please also provide the email address on your account.
    •  You will only receive a call back if further information is required.

Thing to Remember about Visitor Parking Sessions

  • It is important to stop your visitor’s parking session when they leave because you can have a maximum of two visitor parking sessions running at the same time per address.
  • If you forget to stop a visitor’s parking session, it will automatically end after two weeks (the maximum duration a visitor session is valid is two weeks).
  • As always, Visitor Permits are only valid if used within 150 metres of the address to which they are registered.

Enforcement of Residential Parking Zones is done primarily by photo enforcement and supplemented by our enforcement officers.

If you have additional questions about visitor parking, please visit our Q&A page.